Fake poem


Les élèves de 4D et 4E ont travaillé sur la rédaction de strophes à partir d'un poème qui s'appelle "The Encyclopedia of Alternative Facts" et qui porte sur la notion de Fake news. L'idée était donc pour reux de rédiger une strophe avec des fausses informations, puis de les compiler pour créer le "Fake poem" de chaque classe.


Vous pouvez consulter le poème original en cliquant ici. 

Le fake poem des 4°D:


To craft a sweatshirt you need wood planks

nobody has never said thanks

every mussels has pearls

boys are better than girls


Chocolate is verry good for the body

Burj Khalifa is very tiny

All Swiss speak German

My dog is a human 


Fish are dangerous.

Mice are courageous.

America is a city.

Paris is a country.


The snake is not an animal.

England is a capital.

Cats dislike mice.

In Africa, there is ice.


My name is Waina

I live in America

The Mayflower is a car

My cat is a star.


Coronavirus is not dangerous

Knights are not courageous

Giraffes are not tall

The universe is not big, but small.


The sun is not round but flat.

Everyone has a cat.

Cars fly.

Red is the sky.


Martin Luther King is a racist

And politicians cannot be fascist

I don't like The Thunderman

I went to Manhattan.


Sponge Bob lives in Santa Monica

The Eiffel Tower is in Argentina

I like big cats

And I dislike Kit Kats


Romain doesn’t have beautiful eyes

Sara always lies

London is in Africa

Morocco won against Algeria.


My English teacher is a lady

Tatiana is not crazy

Souad’s birthday is in September

Christmas is in November.


Football is played with hand

Disney is a real land

Fast food is great for the body

Everybody has a biography.


Marine Le Pen was a scientist name

Mario Bros is not a video game

The Pilgrims’ car is the Mayflower

Mathias’s favourite actress is Hermione Granger


The Eiffel Tower is in China

Beijing is in America

Halloween is in February

Christmas is in January


France has no president but a king

People talk singing

Everyone likes attractions

Dogs don’t have emotions.


The Joker is kind

My brother is blind

Butterflies are not beautiful

Pilgrims are not grateful


Frankenstein is an animal

All sports are played with a ball

I am a cat

The Queen of England never wears a hat.


The Mayor in Paris is lazy.

Biden is very evil.

Ryan Gosling is crazy.

Zendaya likes boring people.


Auteurs: Ilyess, Arnaud, Mehdi, Lorine, Hiba, Ulughbek, Elize, Amina, Herwan, Sara, Souad, Elize, Amina, Herwan, Sara, Souad, Daniel, Mathias, Sira, Christelle, Rofrane, Noah et Tatiana


Le fake poem des 4°E:

Princess was the New york name

At school I play video game

The statue of Liberty is in flame

The sky is always the same.


George Washington and Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte were brothers.

Students teach teachers.

Four is the legal driving age.

To hide, the soldiers have no camouflage.


The sky is black

Computers are impossible to hack

I won a battle

In my body, my heart is in the middle.


The first movie was released in 1799

The legal age for driving is 9

Mice don’t like cheese

It’s not good to say “please”.


Lebron James and Michael Jackson are footballer names

A cat and a dog are the same

My mother plays video games

Zendaya is my username.


Yoga doesn”t need patience

Mahamane has his driving license

Dogs eat vegetables

I sleep on large tables.


The planet is the only one of the universe,

Not sleep is good for us,

Picasso was a famous singer,

We can open the door to a stranger.


Ariana Grande is a princess

A mouse is fearless

My dad is wearing a dress

Anger is full of happiness


Bear is a type of drink

The sky is pink

Octopuses don’t make ink

The pizza is a stink.


My favorite animal is the snake

The planet is great

Ahmed is very jealous,

Cristalline is always furious.


Croatia won the last world cup

Yesterday everyone stood up

The biggest country is Japan

And his president’s name is Johan.


Cristiano Ronaldo plays basketball

I don’t like football

I have a salary

I live in Gotham City


King Arthur was a monster

His table is rectangular

A horror house is not dangerous

Homer Simpson thinks doughnuts are not delicious


Ronaldo is not a G.O.A.T

I have a boat

USA is my country

and the capital is Mississippi.


Auteurs: Sandra, Aurane, Leïna, Tesnime, Lenny, Mahamane, Christalline, Eden, Hawa, Haby, Chris, Amara, Mathis, Siriman